Friday, November 8, 2013

But Joshua! You can't refute Thomas Paine!

Note: I have not read the book Rights of Man, this is only one idea that I’m going to refute

During 1791, Thomas Paine published the book Rights of Man. Now, this book’s topic is mostly about the French Revolution but what I’m going to talk about can relate to other countries, like America. Now, before I go into this, I just want to say that Thomas Paine is (besides this) an incredibly smart man, and his other writings such as Common Sense are great.

In Rights of Man, one of the main principles is that the human race is inherently free, but its just that government gets in the way of those inherent rights. Well, I’m going to argue with this from a biological and historical standpoint, and other arguments.

1. Biological argument: You have to understand that other species aren’t free, look at animals such as lions. Lions have a hierarchy within their herd, it’s actually very similar to humans. Within these herds, there are certain male lions that get all of the mating rights, and there are also lions that get much less mating rights. There are lions who get to eat more food, and there are some lions that basically get to scavenge and starve. Now, this among the lions is decided by strength, and humans decided by wealth. Now, if you ask me, I think this is like who makes the bed and who gets to the sleep in that bed.

2. Historical argument: Let’s look before the concept of a government existed, when humans were a much more primitive species. Before the first towns, we were a nomadic species. Among these tribes, there was also a hierarchy, like the lions I mentioned earlier. Because of this hierarchy, there were the humans who get the mating and the eating rights as oppose to the runts of the pack.

3. Maybe some rights shouldn’t be used: Well, I’m a Liberal, I think that the purpose of the government is to serve and protect the people (ironically the police motto is that) I think the government should expand the rights of the people. But without the government, imagine how much the murder rate would rise? Without the government, there are no rights, that’s just a fact.